PRICING - Securities pricing may vary from actual liquidation value. Prices shown should only be used as a general guide to portfolio value. Prices are received from various pricing services. However, pricing services are sometimes unable to provide timely information. Where pricing sources are not readily available, particularly on certain debt securities, estimated prices may be generated by a matrix system taking various factors into consideration. The pricing of listed options takes into account the last closing price, as well as the current bid and offer prices. Where securities have not been priced, such securities have not been included in the Asset Valuation information. Market Values for Fixed Income and Alternative Investments are the most recently available price.

COST BASIS - Cost basis on Fixed Income securities is adjusted for amortization, accretion or principal paydowns. Original cost basis is provided under the corresponding tax lot. The costs basis of securities positions delivered into this account has been provided to Pershing by your financial institution and we make no representation as to the accuracy of such cost basis. Unrealized gains and losses are not reported for securities for which cost basis or market values are not available.

REINVESTMENT - The dollar amount of Mutual Fund distributions, Money Market Fund income or dividends or other securities shown may have been reinvested into additional shares. You will not receive confirmation of these reinvestment transactions. However, information pertaining to these transactions which would otherwise appear on confirmations, including the time of execution and the name of the person from whom your security was purchased, will be furnished to you upon written request to your introducing firm. In dividend reinvestment transactions, Pershing acts as your agent and receives payment for order flow, the source and nature of which payment will be furnished to you upon your written request.

OPTION DISCLOSURE - Information with respect to commissions and charges incurred in connection with the execution of option transactions has been included in confirmations previously furnished to you. A summary of this information is available to you promptly upon your written request. In order to assist us in maintaining the current background and financial information concerning your option accounts, please promptly advise us in writing of any material change in your investment objectives or financial situation. Expiring options which are valuable are exercised automatically pursuant to the exercise by exception procedure of the Options Clearing Corporation. Additional information regarding this procedure is available upon written request.